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Giant Step 6 consultants assist organizations with developing and implementing improvement plans that not only aid in reaching the stated goals but also help to improve their leadership structure and practices. We are a mission-driven strategy and policy organization with unique and deep expertise in education improvement. We partner with all stakeholders to design and accelerate policies and leadership development plans that help all young people — particularly those that are underserved, underrepresented, and disenfranchised — succeed in college, careers and beyond.


We are strategic thought partners with our clients. Our key to success is built on our relationships that are grounded in honesty and inquiry because it is our belief that an open exchange of ideas, supported by careful vetting, will produce dynamic results. We encourage those we partner with to think big yet be pragmatic; to take smart but calculated risks; to learn from and share with others; and to follow through from great ideas to successful implementation.

“I sit/talk with individuals helping them to think about their lives and assess what decisions they’ve made or need to make to get them to the next level,” states Reilly. “And even beyond the role of an educator, the quality of my work lies in an ability to push people’s thinking and moral compass.”

As the youngest of 5 children, and loving wife and mother, Reilly’s incorporation of community is even found in the very name of her boutique consulting business. The letters of GIANT and its tagline, JUST JUMP infuse the names of her family. Husband, Gordon and children Isis, Anissa (her own name), NyAsia, Timothy, and Jada respectively all [six] play a part in Reilly’s approach towards community, business, and life overall.

Before attaining her Masters and Doctoral degrees, Reilly found a unique sense of community and family at HBCU Morgan State University where she was crowned an Omega Psi Phi pearl and was avid in her studies as an actress.

A combination of successes and rough patches are what Dr. Reilly not only can relate to but also looks to assist leaders with. “Ultimately it’s about helping others obtain their dreams by turning their life messes into messages of hope,” exudes Reilly. “And if you’re willing to Just Jump, your hopes are just

one Giant Step away.”


Dr. Anissa Reilly

A next- level mindset is what Dr. Anissa Reilly believes in. As a Bronx, New York native, Dr. Reilly is fueled by identifying and developing leaders. “Communities fail when individuals place their needs, desires, and goals above those of the group. However, collective sacrifices are what allow communities to flourish,” states Dr. Reilly.


As an 8- year teacher and a principal for just under 14 years, Reilly placed a focus on student reading & writing, increased confidence in her scholars, and cultivating an enjoyable environment for the families of her school’s community. Ensuring that her scholars strengthen their leadership skills by developing their voice, negotiation skills, and ability to serve others, was essential in helping them to invent ways to solve local, national, and/or global problems.

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