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Assisting public, private, and charter organizations in evaluating programs, identifying needs, and providing customized coaching and mentorship by creating a comprehensive plan for organizational and leadership improvement.

About Us

Giant Step 6 LLC is primarily an educational consultancy firm dedicated to developing high quality programs throughout public, private and charter school systems. Our goal is to provide quality educational resources, supplies, leadership coaching and consultancy to meet today’s educational challenges. Whether you’re looking to recharge the energy in your teaching staff, positively impact your staff retention rate, build leadership capacity, ensure organizational alignment with stated goals and objectives, provide effective teacher support for novice and experienced teachers, or implement a strategic action plan to increase student achievement, Giant Step 6 can assist you with your goals.

Giant Step 6 consultants assist many public, private and charter schools in evaluating programs, identifying needs, and creating a comprehensive plan for school improvement. 

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Giant Step 6 assists organizations with developing and implementing improvement plans that grow and develop their leadership skills, structure and practices.


Giant Step's services are designed based on the needs of each organization we assist. The plans we develop are unique and tailored to the specific business.

Our Clients Say

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"I not only came face to face with myself during my coaching sessions with Dr. Anissa Reilly, I was challenged to dig deep regarding who I wanted to be both professionally and personally. I was challenged to show up everyday and work with intentionality with the end goal in mind. As an educator, my time with my coach has provided me with strategies not only for my profession, but for my life. I have received two promotions within eight months not just because of what has been instilled in me but what was drawn out of me. I wholeheartedly recommend Coach,
Dr. Anissa Reilly, however be warned, it’s real work but yields real results." 

Tonya Knight,

Principal at The Triple C School in the Cayman Islands

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